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We are Wegan AKA Whitney & Megan, a femme lesbian couple who endured long distance between Hawaii & the UK. Become official: 05/10/08.
Engaged in Hawaii:17th May 2011.
Civil Partnership on 28 September 2012 <3

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      Anonymous asked: anons, why are you all so interested in wegans life? they're fans wanted a merch, and they wanted to do a merch, why does it matter? it has nothing to do with any of you tbh, so just leave! :']


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      Anonymous asked: Because Annie Sloan paint is cheap right?


      £16 for a pot that painted our table, and fire places and still have left over?… Sorry if we want our house to look good. How unusual of us.

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      Anonymous asked: I don't understand why you are selling Wegan-Merch! You rich bitches should be giving it away to your fans! Why are you even doing it? Kaelyn and Lucy are selling it to be able to see each other, Cydney and Stacy are sell merchandise to help others tackle the distance but you girls seem to be selling for personal gain. I hope nobody buys anything from you! Louis bags, Chanel everything! You both are so greedy!


      I”m sorry but do you know us? NO. We are not rich bitches!! Don’t be an anon coward. Tell us all the things you think we have? Chanel what?? WOW we bought Chanel foundation and moisturising cream ONCE. The Chanel picture on the wall? $20. Whitney’s louis vuitton bag was a PRESENT from her mother. So get over yourself! Oh right, so people ONLY sell t-shirts for those reasons? Like Jenna Marbles, Daily Grace, Tyler Oakley? Do you know how much MONEY we spent on seeing each other between the UK AND HAWAII?? 1000’s!!! & no that is not a lie, around $20,000. And did we get any donations for that? No. Did we have any savings for that? No. We both worked WHILST studying and used EVERYTHING we ever earned to do it. So if we want to sell a few t-shirts to our followers who ACTUALLY want them, then why is that a problem for you?!!

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      #weganmerch photoshoot coming to your screens soon!!

      #weganmerch photoshoot coming to your screens soon!!

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      Wegan Merch t-shirt photoshoot just happened with @wbacon11 @b_freya

      Wegan Merch t-shirt photoshoot just happened with @wbacon11 @b_freya

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